Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Break 2010 - Sanibel Island

Holy cow was a vacation needed for this girl! It was the best and most relaxing 7 days spent on a beautiful beach with some awesome people. I had never been to Sanibel Island which made the vacation even better - somewhere new!
Our days on the island consisted of morning walks to the deli for coffee, sunbathing and reading on the beach during the day, cooking dinner together or going out to places like the Mucky Duck, lots of late night runs to Pinocchio's' Ice Cream, and a loooot of wine and beer.
All of us had such a good time we are already planning for next year! I cannot wait to make some more great memories with more awesome people in 2011.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

About Me: Here You Go Mrs. Leonard!

Yes, I have officially given in to sharing my life with all of you! Don't let my sarcasm fool you, I am getting into this already and this is only my first blog. I can be random and my spelling at times is atrocious so please no judging.

I am 24 years old and married to my best friend Scott. Without him who knows where I would be today. We were introduced by one of my best friends Kuszmaul back in 2006. With some really great memories, which I won't painfully put you through, from then to now we decided to get hitched on June 20, 2009. We were able to celebrate that day with our closest friends and family. To all of you, thank you. It truly was one of the best days of my life. We spent our honeymoon in Punta Cana. (Great vacation spot for anyone looking for a place to go) We are 9 months in - so far so good!

Enough with the mushy stuff! I work full time as a Property Manager. I oversee the West Lafayette Property for Ultimate Student Living, LLP. Basically, they build student properties all over the United States at major universities for kiddos to live in while they attend college. It is a lot of fun and I truly love my job and staff. At times it can be extremely stressful but I don't think I would want it any other way. I am sure in the future I will share some really funny (at least I think they are) stories about my job. Scott is a history teacher at a local high school. This is his fourth year there and I am sure he would say he loves his job too (most of the time). High school kids - I don't know how he does it?!?!

We purchased our first home in August of 2008. No kids here yet, but I feel like we do with our pets. It is usually wild kingdom between our cat Rae, and our dog Payton. Life before the dog was a piece of cake! Rae just laid around and minded her own business. Very independent like me. Payton, well she is another story. Full of energy and a personality to match. I cannot picture our lives without her anymore, but there are some days I would be willing to sell her. (Any takers?) Just kidding Scott if you are reading this.

Some of my favorite things would be wine, wine, and wine. Well, all joking aside I do love my red wine. BUT I also LOVE my crime dramas. I think that is why I am especially afraid to run alone a night (which I am working on). I'm sure my husband thinks I am nuts. Chaptstick is a must with me. Gotta have it in every coat, purse, car, and pocket. I always love a good run - it is just the motivation part at certain times. Pizza King and sweatpant movie nights with Kuszmaul. Home visits with Lindsey since she moved away..sigh. Nights with Scott when he makes me laugh so hard my stomach hurts. Family time is a must - MY SISTER HAD A BABY! Mr. Nolan Michael is my favorite little man. (I may devote an entire blog just for him) Coffee in the mornings is no longer negotiable, it is a must. If it is before 8 am, don't talk to me because I am not a morning person. There are a lot more things I love but I feel this post is already getting long enough...

There, a start of an insight to my life. More to come in the near future...